Rules & Racing

Please see the MIAA Ski Sports page for official, complete information about both Alpine and Nordic formats, including complete information on the State Meet.

Downhill Information:

  • Downhill races are all held at Blue Hills and Ski Ward starting promptly at 6:30 pm. There are two forerunners for each course (four total).
  • There are sixteen racers per school - eight boys and eight girls. Each school designates a first heat racer, a second heat racer, down to the 8th heat. All racers from the first heat will race before any racers from the second heat will race.
  • The league is divided into two divisions, the Large Schools Brookline, Marblehead, Newton North, Ursuline Academy (girls only) Waltham, Wellesley and Xaverian (boys only) and the Small Schools ( Dover/Sherborn, Duxbury, Milton, Oliver Ames and Westwood).
  • There are 88 racers for each gender. The racer who places #1 in the race gains 48 points, the #2 racer gains 47 points, and so on; in this way the 48th finisher gains one point. If the racer finishes in the bottom half of the results, she/he gains no points. The team's point total for the day is the sum of each individual racer's point totals.

Alpine State Meet Info:

Cross-Country Information:

  • Cross-Country races are held at Weston Ski Track and start promptly at 3:30pm.

Cross-Country State Meet Info: